Eine AutoIt-UDF für das POP3-Protokoll, mit folgenden Funktionen:

Funktion Beschreibung
_POP3Info Returns an array with the specified informations about all mails
_POP3Connect Connects to the according pop3 server. With “automatic” mode - tries to find the pop3-server by your E-Mail adress
_POP3Dele Delete msg n-msg_number.
_POP3Disconnect Shuts down connection.
_POP3List Returns an array with the msg number and its size (octets)
_POP3Noop Actually, does nothing.
_POP3Quit Validates your actions (dele for example) and stops the connection as it should.
_POP3Retr Downloads the according message.
_POP3Rset Withdraw changes, such as dele orders.
_POP3Stat Gets the number of messages in the pop3 account (array[1]) and the size(array[2]) in octets
_POP3MsgCnt Returns the number of messages
_POP3Top Retreives the mail headers, and the X first lines of the message
_POP3Uidl Same as _POP3List(), but with UIDL identifiers instead of message size.

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